• CYC 2014

      Diocese of Spokane’s Catholic Youth Celebration 2014:

      ‘Thirst. Encounter. Rejoice.’

      Friday-Sunday, March 14-16

      For members of Catholic parish youth groups, grades 9-12


      Visit the CYC 2014 page for more information, or to download flyers and forms!

    • Quo Vadis Days

      Quo Vadis Days! - June 16-19

      Quo Vadis?  Where are you going?  It is one of the toughest questions a young man like you has to ask himself as he grows towards adulthood.  What am I going to do with my life?  There are so many great possibilities!  A whole world of choices lies before you!  Should I become a doctor and dedicate my life to healing others?  Should I be an artist or an actor and exercise the great gift of creativity for the enjoyment of others?  Should I be a husband and a father, loving my family and exercising the divine command to be fruitful and multiply?  They are all great possibilities!  But there is one more you should consider as a young man of faith: the Catholic PRIESTHOOD!

      Can you imagine yourself as one who "fathers" a parish family?  Who counsels and forgives, who anoints and heals, who celebrates and leads the Eucharist for God's people?  If so, then our Quo Vadis Days are for you!  During this great camp experience you will have the chance to visit with real priests and seminarians, hang out with some great new friends, pray together as brothers, and have time to think about WHERE YOU ARE GOING!

      Quo Vadis Days 2014 begins Monday June 16 and conclude Thursday June 19. 

      The registration fee this year is $75 per camper.  Scholarships are available; contact Bishop Shite Seminary for more information.

      Click Here to Register!

      If you have any questions, please contact Quo Vadis Days chaplain, Fr. Jeff Lewis (jlewis@dioceseofspokane.org; 509-935-8028).  "Where are you going?"  Come to Quo Vadis Days and find out!  We'll see you there this summer!
    • VOCARE 2014

      VOCARE 2014: July 7-10

      VOCARE is an event for young ladies, ages 13-18, who would like to spend a few days learning about Religious Life. The word VOCARE means to call. Did you know that every person has "a call"? Ok, so you're asking yourself, "What is a call?" It is a particular plan that God has prepared for each one of us from all eternity! Because He has created us, He has also destined us for some great work, which no other person can fulfill. God tells us, through the Prophet Isaiah, "I have called you by name. You are mine."

      Our calling is also known as our vocation. There are four different kinds of vocations: Marriage and family life, Holy Orders (priest/deacon), Religious Life (nun/sister or monk/brother) and finally, serving the Church in the single life. Do you think God may be calling you to Religious Life? Or, are you wondering what Religious Life is like, what it's all about or wonder what a nun/sister does all day? Join Religious Women from the Diocese of Spokane for a 4-day event and learn about each community's charism, spirituality and apostolates/works.

      Click here for more information!

      Questions? Contact: Sr. Mary Joanna, SMMC (srmaryjoanna@gmail.com; 509-481-8862). Registration ends June 20!
    • 2014 - Youth Minister Retreat

      The second annual Youth Minister retreat, sponsored by the Diocese of Spokane provided participants with a wonderful break and a chance to engage with their God in a true retreat setting.  Deacon Paul Heric once again organized the event and brought in some heavy hitters for both content and celebration.
         This year’s presenter was Jake Khym, the musical minister was Daniel Oberreuter of The Thirsting and the celebrant for the weekend was Fr. Caleb Vogel who is the Vocational Director of the Diocese of Boise.  Jake brought a unique set of skills that included a Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology and a Bachelor of Arts in Theology.  He has extensive counseling experience and has a private counseling practice outside of Vancouver, BC.  Daniel and his family joined the leadership team from Vancouver, WA.  He provided a rounded atmosphere of music for both reflection and joyous celebration.
         The theme for the retreat was The Path of Life.  It focused on looking at the Pascal Mystery and Jesus’s invitation to walk the path with Him through a better understanding of that experience.   The content of the weekend was a thoughtful progression through the Passion, Death, Resurrection and Ascension that Jesus experienced and how those very experiences have parallels in our lives.

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    • Mission Statement
      The Spokane Diocese Youth Ministry advocates for youth, families and youth ministry throughout Eastern  Washington by providing resources, support and training to those proclaiming the message of Jesus Christ to youth and families in parishes and schools.  Additionally, we provide direct programs designed to support parishes in their evangelization of youth and form disciples within the Catholic Church. 

      Our Mission is to fulfill the Gospel mandate to "Go Make Disciples" (see Matthew 28:18-20) of youth, young adults and college campus students throughout the Spokane Diocese.